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    Our Embassy regrets to inform you, that it is not within the scope of the
    official duties of this office to provide assistance in genealogical

    If your ancestors came from the territory of the former Republic of Poland, you will first have to determine in what country (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or Lithuania) the place of origin is now situated. It will be necessary for you to check in an old map or atlas of the period the name of the place. Also, one has to remember that names of many places were changed after World War I and II. Kindly avail yourself of the services provided through your local library geographical section), National GeographicSociety, etc. to ascertain this type of information.

    Please be also advised, that in Poland old registers (including registers of religious communities) are kept in the appropriate district archives. The application for such a search may be sent to them or  to Polish National Archives:



    Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Panstwowych
    ul. Rakowiecka 2D

     02-517 Warszawa

    tel: (22) 56-54-600

    fax: (22) 56-54-614


    The archives charge fees for their services. The fee depends on the degree of difficulty of the search and its range. For example, the fee for each hour of work of the archivist in the Archiwves of New Acts (Archiwum Akt Nowych) is ca. 10 EUR, while a fee for each copy is and ca. 0,5 EUR (per page).

    You should provide the fullest possible data on your ancestor and his/her family members, such as names, birth and death dates, marriages, spouse's names and parents' names. The more information you provide the less costly the research will be. Correspondence in English is accepted, but Polish is preferred.


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