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  • 9 heinäkuuta 2010


    Privatization plan for the years 2008-2011

    The Privatization Plan aims to unblock and expedite the privatization process in Poland. The privatization plan covers companies from key finance, power, chemical and petroleum sectors where privatization has already started or will commence, as well as the following industries: machine, metal, electronic, electro-technical, spirits, food, wood and paper, furniture, clothing and clothing raw materials, transport and freight, trading companies and service units as well as minority shareholdings (the residues) or companies from the NFI Program. Plans compiled by the Ministry of Treasury for the years 2008-2011 list 800 entities that are supervised by the Ministry. More information: The Ministry of Treasury, The Investor Relations Centre (operates within the framework of the Ministry's Public Relations Office):, Ph: (+48 22) 695 90 01, (+48 22) 695 90 02, Fax: (+48 22) 629 98 38

      20. toukokuuta 2009 pidettiin Helsingissä Puolan suurlähetystön aloitteesta järjestetty seminaari aiheesta Energiaturvallisuus Itämeren alueella. Alustajina toimivat Puolan ja Suomen valtionhallinon sekä tiede- ja tutkimuslaitosten edustajat. Seminaariin osallistui noin 50 osanottajaa Suomen valtionhallinnosta, tutkimus- ja finanssilaitoksista sekä diplomaattikunnasta. Avaussanoissa suurlähettläs Joanna Hofman korosti energiatoimitusten turvallisuuden tärkeyttä Itämerellä sekä alueen maiden solidaarisen yhteistyön tarvetta Euroopan unionin energia- ja ilmastopolitiikan toteuttamisessa   

      Fairs and exhibitions

    1. 20th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland, 8 - 11 September

    The Economic Forum in Krynica is one of the most significant international events in Central Europe. Held annually in the picturesque mountain resort of Krynica in southern Poland since 1991, the Forum brings together over 1500 high-level participants from more than 60 countries. The aim is to develop dialogue and cooperation among the EU countries, their neighbours and their partners. The Forum agenda includes some 120 discussion panels that come under 10 thematic tracks including business and investment, European economic policy, energy, geopolitics, international security, the EU & its neighbourhood, and many other. This year, it is already the 20th edition of the Economic Forum which proves that it is a highly recognized event where East meets West which  on such a large scale. The Economic Forum in Krynica brochure:

    The homepage:

    2. 16th International Maritime Exhibition BALTEXPO 2011, Gdańsk-Olivia Hall, 6-8 September, 2011,

    BALTEXPO Exhibition is one of the largest and most important events for the maritime sector organized in Central and Eastern Europe. BALTEXPO brings the possibility for the entire maritime industry sector to present its potential, development plans, aspirations and possibilities of regional cooperation. The broad range of subjects which shall be included on Baltexpo 2011 Exhibition include: sea ports and port service, port surveillance and security, warehousing and distribution, logistic chain: maritime-rail or road loading, port infrastructure, control and management of maritime ports movement, environmental protection, navigation security, harbor deepening, port construction. One of the new themes on Baltexpo 2011 Exibition is presentation of renewable energy sources equipment, offshore oil platform industry equipment and services. Baltexpo 2011 Exhibition shall take place during the same period as Baltic Development Forum.  Participation in BALTEXPO 2011 exhibition is an excellent opportunity to initiate or develop business activities in Poland.

    More information:

    3. European Festival of Taste Lublin 2009 - 2016

    First edition: 11-13 September 2009 in Lublin

    More information:

    It will serve as an exceptional opportunity to present nutritious dishes from a variety of countries, produced using original traditional recipes. The Festival of Taste will also be rich in cultural and artistic events associated with what is called "the good taste".

    You are welcomed to present your offer during the European Festival of Taste, your folklore and elements of national culture. In order to discuss the details of cooperation, please contact the Promotion Office PROMEDIA, tel. +48 605-848-848, e-mail:



    Roadshow Polska along with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, President of the City Gdańsk and Gdańsk Economic Development Agency are inviting POLISH INVESTFORUM 2010 which will take place in 4-6 November 2010 in Gdańsk.

    Polish Investforum is the first cycle of conferences in Poland presenting investment opportunities in our country to foreign entities and introducing participants to possibilities and perspectives of the Polish economy development in the years to come. The opening of the Forum as a cyclical (annual) event took place on 3-4 June 2009.

    The main objective of the Forum is to promote the image of Poland and present its attractiveness as the location of foreign investment. The Forum also allows to promote individual regions of the country (towns, special economic zones, technology parks, development agencies etc.) and their investment offers as well as companies offering cooperation to investors.

    Not so long ago Poland was perceived from the angle of stereotypes. Foreign investors repeatedly placed Poland at the top of the list specifying potential locations for their investment, but in the end they decided to select another country. According to JP Morgan economic growth of Poland will amount to 3.5% in 2010 and will continue to be highest in the region. Poland proved that its economy and attractiveness in respect of investing are sufficiently well founded to minimize turbulence during crisis. Thus, it became the most attractive location for foreign investors in the region - this strong argument is a premise of the Polish InvestForum.

    Conferences provide the participants with information on current condition of the Polish economy and prospects of its development in the years to come against a background of the situation in markets worldwide. They learn what it is worth investing in, what the most profitable industries in Poland are, what chances and challenges the foreign investors face. We present them opportunities to use structural funds allotted to the development of infrastructure and knowledge how to use the donations well and effectively, which donations are one of numerous support instruments for entrepreneurs, as well as with increasing importance of Public-Private Partnership in financing investment projects.

    During Polish Investforum 2010 we will analyze the status of preparations for EURO 2012, development of the real estate market in Poland following global slowdown. Possibilities of the support for SME, investment financing will be presented. Also topics related to the prospects of BPO sector in Poland will be discussed - barriers for its development and opportunities to obtain investment in Knowledge Process Outsourcing as well as outsourcing of the state functions. For the first time we will talk about the issue of e-government and new technologies. We will also discuss alternative energy sources in Poland. We will review the investment opportunities offered by Polish regions as well.

    The 3- day program will include presentations, several panel discussions and workshops as well as events organized by the hosting city.

    By organizing the Polish Investforum we wish to show how the situation in financial markets worldwide will influence the development of Foreign Direct Investment in Poland as well as encourage investors to further develop already existing projects. We also aim at increasing the awareness as to the need for promoting Polish towns and regions and their significant potential.

    A very important aspect of our actions is to contact investors with potential partners in Poland.

    Polish Investforum is an excellent place to exchange valuable comments and opinions as well as an opportunity for business networking, which will lead to fruitful cooperation in the future. We believe that such undertakings are really needed, in particular considering current situation in the markets worldwide and that they will substantially contribute to the inflow of FDI to our country.

    We address the Forum to foreign companies interested in investing in Poland (or increasing the investment already made), representatives of the state sector, foreign cities taking part in the Forum, bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Polish cities and their foreign twin towns, representatives of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship Congress, Association of Polish Cities, Organization Committee for Euro 2012, Special Economic Zones, Technology Parks, representatives of foreign and Polish companies operating in such sectors and industries as: trade, consultancy, law, development, real estate, HR, hotel, construction, transportation, power engineering, IT, telecommunication, representatives of financial institutions.

    Partners we cooperated with in relation to Polish Investforum 2009 include:


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